Language Charter experts finds Danes too passive toward linguistic minorities

The report of the Committee of Experts on Denmark’s compliance with its undertakings under the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages (ECRML) gives the state a mixed review.

Although complimenting the Danish government’s action in some respects, the experts faulted it for being too passive in a number of other areas affecting the 15 to 20,000 German speakers living in the county of Sonderjylland (Nordschleswig).

The Committee also expressed regret that in ratifying the Charter the Danish government had declared the instrument did not apply to either the Faroe Islands or to Greenland, which come under the Danish Crown, but are largely autonomous. Also excluded from the state’s undertakings is the Romany community in Denmark. The government maintains the Romany are not a traditional linguistic group in the country, and so not under the Charter.

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