New Maori party wins first seat in parliament in New Zealand

A new political party for indigenous Maori people in New Zealand scored its first victory at the weekend when it won a by-election that returned its founder to parliament. Ms Turia, who resigned from Labour and formed the Maori Party, won more than 90 per cent of votes in the by-election of Te Tai Hauauru, on North Island.

The party aims to be a new force in New Zealand politics, wooing Maori voters who have traditionally supported Labour. It has threatened to join forces with the centre-right National Party to oust Ms Clark's minority government in an election due to be held next year.

The Maori Party has set its sights on winning all seven seats reserved for Maori MPs at the election - all now held by Labour. The party's co-founder, Pita Sharples, told the media: "We are sending a message to New Zealand: we exist, we're real, we're going forward and we're going to embrace all of New Zealand."

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