Joško Emrich new chairman of the Hrvatski akademski klub (HAK)

At the 57th ordinary general assembly of yesterday Silvija Buczolich was succeeded by the Joško Emrich from Veliki Borištof/Großwarasdorf.

The new vice-chairwomen of the association are Marijana Palatin from Pilištrof/Pilgersdorf and Silvija Buczolich from Mjenova/Kroatisch Minihof. Marko Mikula from Vienna/Beč taken on him the position of treasurer, Katharina Biricz from Veliki Borištof/Großwarasdorf is the new secretary.

The new chairman wants to mark the HAK (Hrvatski akademski klub) stronger as an association of students and youth. The minority work will however remain an important part of what the HAK does. “Also in this year we want to react to actual developments in minority policy. In the case of the official language in Burgenland, I think for example about the bilingual passport, we will certainly support the initiative of Hubert Resetarits”, according to the new chairman Joško Emrich.

The Hrvatski akademski klub opened also the call for candidates for the Day of the Croatian Youth 2005 (Dan mladine). For this event villages and association in Central Burgenland as well as across the border in Hungary can apply.

The new chairman stressed in connection to this also the importance of cross-border- and international cooperation. “It goes without saying that we will work for a better cooperation with the Croats in Slovakia and Hungary and with their associations. In this way we can speak with a stronger voice in Europe.”

izvor/Quelle: News-Service der BurgenlandkroatInnen

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