Spain calls for language recognition

On Monday 13 December Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos presented proposals to make Galician, Basque and Catalan-Valencian official EU languages. At a regular meeting of Foreign Ministers in Brussels on Monday Mr Moratinos submitted proposal calling for Basque and Galician to be accepted as "official and working languages", of the EU according to El Mundo.

Spain’s Europe Minister Alberto Navarro has proposed four interim measures including shoring up the right of citizens to petition the EU in their own language. Madrid has also proposed translations for some EU legislation, the right for MEPs to address the chamber in their language. Madrid has offered to foot the bill for translation.

The move follows a similar proposal by the Irish government for Irish to become an official language. The unanimous approval of the 25 EU members is needed before any changes can come into force. Little movement is however expected to take place before Spain’s February referendum on the EU-Constitution. The recognition of Catalan has become a focal point for rejecting the Constitution among Catalan nationalist and leftist parties.

izvor/Quelle: Youth of European Nationalities

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