A clear „YES“ to the European Constitution

Like expected on the 11th of January the members of the European Parliament approved the Constitution Treaty for Europe with an overwhelming majority. Already on 29th of October 2004 the Heads of States and Governments signed the treaty in the hall of the Conservator-palace in Rome. And with that another, important step towards a common European Constitution has been taken.

In favour votes 500 representatives, against 137 Parliamentarians. 40 Representatives abstained. Especially parliamentarians from extreme rightwing parties, communists as well as Europe-opponents and Europe-critics denied their approval to the Constitution.

The Constitution is „in total a considerable improvement of the existing treaties“, according to a message from the Parliament, sent out from Strasbourg.

As major positive point the members of Parliament mentioned the larger openness of the decision processes and the resulting „democratisation“ of the EU. Furthermore the international role of the EU as important partner is strengthened. In particular the Fundamental Rights Charter, which also was included in the Constitution, gives more rights to the citizens.

Until 2006 the Constitution has to be ratified by the different member states. This will be either by a referendum or by a parliamentary ratification. Lithuania and Hungary already ratified the European Constitution.

The minorities and their organisations, like the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN), the European Bureau of Lesser Used Languages (EBLUL), the Society for threatened peoples and also the Youth of European Nationalities (YEN), have again and again pleaded for inclusion of a minority article in the Constitution, but unfortunately they were not able to reach this maximum goal. But nevertheless minorities are only mentioned in the Constitution.

izvor/Quelle: Youth of European Nationalities

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