OSCE Croatia mission fears proposed election changes could penalize minority voters

The OSCE Mission to Croatia is concerned that proposed electoral legislation changes, forwarded to Parliament under a "fast-track" procedure, could seriously restrict the exercise of voting rights of many citizens.

The Mission is recommending that the same registration rules should be used as in the last local election and that any reforms should be based on a broad consensus among political and civil society actors after public debate. The proposals, included in the Draft Amendments to the Law on the Election of Members of Representative Bodies of Local and Regional Self-Government Unit, could disenfranchise many voters who temporarily work or live away from their permanent residence. Refugees, a particularly vulnerable voter category, are likely to be disproportionately affected.

The OSCE Mission is ready to provide the Croatian authorities with all necessary assistance, in particular through opinions and recommendations from experts from ODIHR and the Venice Commission (Council of Europe).

izvor/Quelle: OSCE

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